May 17

The Complete Guide To Commercial Roof Types (2024)

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March 22

Comprehensive Insights into Chimney Flashing Leaks and Their Remedies

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March 20

Metal Siding: Why It’s the Best Choice for Your Home

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March 15

Emerging Trends in Commercial Roofing: A 2024 Perspective

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December 1

The Art of Selecting the Perfect Roof Color

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March 5

Does a New Roof Need to be Approved by My HOA?

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January 11

Why You Should Schedule an Annual Roof Inspection Before It’s Too Late

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December 19

Ways to Prevent Algae or Lichon Damage to Your Roof

If you’re an Indianapolis homeowner and you aren’t familiar with algae and lichen, and what they can do to your roof, it’s never too early… View Article Read More

December 12

What is an Algae Rating? Why Does This Matter for My New Roof?

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December 2

How to Maintain Your Roof to Avoid Filing Another Insurance Claim

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