Indiana winters can be pretty rough. The time often comes where you need a roof installation in Greenwood, IN. Whether a nasty hailstorm hit your town recently or if it’s simply been a long time since you installed your current roof, you need to take care when it comes to new installation. While a new roof is a big investment in terms of expenses, the amount of time you rely on a new roof is even more important. A roof should last for decades, and quality installation is the difference between high maintenance costs and peace of mind. Choose a local, proven company like Indy Roof Company for great, reliable roof installation assistance.

Do you need brand new roof installation for your Greenwood home? If your roof has years of storm damage resulting in leaks, mold, and other unwanted problems, it might be time. If you’ve had years of roof neglect or your well-kept roof experienced a random act of nature, a replacement is in your future. You can expect damage to your roof from heavy rain, hail, and wind over time. These weather conditions can cause shingles to come loose, mold, and in a worst case scenario, a cave in.

When your house is up against high winds, heavy rain, or even a hail storm, you want your roof to keep your family safe. Regular roof inspections can keep your roof in great shape, but sometimes certain weather conditions take their toll. For instance, hail stones can get up to 4.50” in diameter with speeds up to that of a car. That can cause considerable damage. Some signs that your roof might benefit more from roof replacement than just a repair include missing tiles, mold, holes, or damaged ridges. There are some cases where a simple repair isn’t enough to upkeep your roof, and a replacement might be due.