Are you looking for a company that specializes in roof replacement in Indianapolis, IN? At Indy Roof & Restoration, we’re here to provide you with roof installation services that you can trust. Your roof does a fantastic job of protecting your home from the elements but it must be in good condition to do so. Whether you need a complete roof replacement, or your roof has suffered from storm damage, we can help. Perhaps you’re not sure whether you need a roof replacement. In either case, we will carry out a full survey of your roof and give you our honest opinion.

What warrants a roof replacement? It could be years of neglect finally catching up and leaving your roof weak. It could also be severe damage after a storm. Heavy rain, hail and wind are the usual suspects, but if your roof is hit with heavy debris such as tree parts, that could cause significant damage.

Our experienced team can help with all styles of roofing from flat roofing to heavy-duty slate shingles. Contact our team today to arrange a free inspection.